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All things you should know about the Google maps and how to fix its issue in iphone

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Google maps is an application by which you can search your different routes by just providing the details of the origin and destination location, it will show you all types of commutation options like bus, train , car and by walk with the estimated time of arrival.

Google maps invention is occurred as the best invention for the travelers who roam all over the world without having any knowledge of the destinations. Now people has become more carefree while travelling as they do not have any fear of getting distracted in their route as they have Google maps with them.

Now even the routes but it will tell you about the traffic condition on the routes by marking as red dots or line which is very accurate and even tell you the shortcut routes or diverted routes to reach your destination early. To use the Google maps you need to have mobile or laptop device and the internet connection in it.

Google maps also give you the privilege that you can use the Google maps in the offline mode if there is low or less network around you. You just need to search the routes and switch to offline mode so it fetches the data from the internet once and then it will show you the routes when you do not have internet coverage.

Sometimes it get happen that you are using the Google maps in your iphone and it got stucked somewhere and you are not able to search the Google maps location so in this case do not get panic just reach out to the Google customer service team and they will help you to resolve the issue or just follow the below steps and you will be able to solve the problem.

1) First thing you need to do is to check the internet connection on your iphone.

2) Second step is to search for the settings option in your iphone.

3) Once setting is opened you need to click on privacy button.

4) Then you need to open the location services by tapping on it and allow Google maps to use the locations.

These are very simple steps which help you to fix the Google maps location issue in your iphone but if you are finding any ambiguity in the above steps then just reach out to the customer support team of Google by just dialing the Google support number and the technical experts will help you to resolve the problem.

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