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How do I forward my Cox email to Gmail?

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Today we will discuss how you can forward your Cox email to Gmail. No doubt, the process is not easy. Knowing this fact, we have made hours of discussions with the officers of COX customer service and brought forward some simple steps. So, you are requested to follow these steps if you are willing to forward your Cox emails to your Gmail inbox.

  1. Open the WEBMAIL INBOX window
  2. Click on SETTINGS
  3. The MESSAGE SETTINGS window will display
  4. Click on FORWARDING
  5. The FORWARDING window will display
  6. Navigate the FORWARDING ADDRESS window
  7. Enter all the email address to which messages should be sent
  8. Now you need to select an option under the FORWARDING RULES window
  9. Click on OK and complete the forwarding process

In adherence to the officials of COX customer service number, you can deactivate this feature by clicking on DISABLE FORWARDING. You can dial this number for dealing with any difficulties you are facing during the implementation of the given steps. Backed by the COX experts, the concerned helpline number is also promised to resolve the technical problems faced by the globally spread COX email account users. The COX experts are known for their professional ethics, friendly behavior, and willingness to deliver.

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