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How to Fix Computer after Deleting System 32?

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After deleting the system 32, your computer might fail to start properly. It will shut down each time you try to start it. What is the System 32 and why it creates Windows start up problems are described here in detail. You will also get to know about possible troubleshooting of the problem. Read the post to get some help in fixing the issue on your own. If you fail to resolve the query, you can call anytime the technician from a professional computer tech support firm.

What is System 32?

It’s a folder in your computer that contains a set of crucial files necessary for proper functioning of your PC. Few of these files control the hardware of your system whilst others are responsible for regulating the functioning of chipset present on your machine. In simple words, the System 32 contains a set of coded instructions that help various parts of a computer to function accordingly.

What Happens When You Delete System 32?

As of now, you must have known that how important this folder is to your machine. So, don’t mess with it. However, if you have deleted it accidently; your system will not boot until you fix the error or reinstall the Windows.

Troubleshooting System 32

Method 1

1. Reboot your system and press and hold the F8 button until you are in boot menu.

2. After completion of the process, reboot with last known best configuration option

Method 2

1. Insert Windows recovery disc

2. Start rebooting your system

3. Follow the prompts to finish the process

If any of these two methods cannot efficiently fix the problem, you can hire professionals from an online computer tech support firm. They are computer experts with relevant experience in the field. They will scan your whole machine to find out the best way towards problem solving.

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