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How to install Norton Antivirus on windows 10?

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This tutorial will discuss the process of installing and activating Norton Antivirus on Mac and Windows 10. To do this, you will either have to download the setup file or order a Norton AntiVirus Online CD. Norton AntiVirus generally takes several minutes to be downloaded. We suggest you install the same from a CD-ROM. Here you will find out the steps for installing this security solution from CD-ROM. And Norton customer service chat officials have presented these steps in a straightforward manner.

 How do I install Norton Antivirus on Windows 10?

· Insert the Norton Antivirus installation disc into your CD drive

· Make double-click on My Computer icon on your desktop

· Go to the My Computer window

· Here you will have to double-click the CD icon

· You will find it next to the CD-ROM drive option

· Click Install Norton AntiVirus Online after the opening screen will appears

· The Terms & Conditions screen will appear

· Here you will have to select 'I accept the License Agreement'

· Click on Next to continue installing the software

· Is there any component that can hinder the software installation?

· Check it by clicking on Start Scan

· Go to the destination folder screen

· Select a folder to install Norton AntiVirus Online software

· Now you need to select the Custom Install option

· Select the Install now option

· It will ensure whether you want to install or to not install Accounts and Parental controls

· Restart the computer and reconnect to the Internet after the software is installed

· Go to the Software Service window and select any of these two options,

1. I have already subscribed to Norton AntiVirus. Activate my software

2. I have not subscribed to this service

· You will be connected to NetZero Web site for registration if you don’t have an account with NetZero. Please connect it if you have an account

· Go to the Norton AntiVirus Service Activation window now

· Enter the activation PIN next to My Service PIN

· You will be prompted to run LiveUpdate after the software activation process is complete

Norton helpline number is broadly appreciated for its fast response, willingness to serve, and guarantee to deliver high-quality services. It is actually managed by a group of support engineers who have been serving the antivirus users for a long period. Sufficiently trained, they are continuously assisting the Windows and Mac users by Norton customer service number. Dial this number if you are keen on knowing the steps of installing this antivirus on your Mac as well windows computer.

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