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Sbcglobal Email-Configure Settings for Kindle Fire

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Sbcglobal email is known to all users who believe in using quality communication application. People love it and gave positive feedback. It is quite unique to use but certain threats might be difficult to solve by users on their own, People usually gone by such situations because they don’t comes from the technical background. To get help in such situations, there is need to contact support team straight away.

There are number of issues that has been solved by technical team.Here, individual can see the resolution to one:

How to set up Sbcglobal email settings for Kindle Fire?

It is first required to select Sbcglobal email application from the list of number of applications.

User should now select the option of “Other”

There is now need to enter email address and password of the Exchange mailbox.

Tap the option of “Next”

There is now need to choose the protocol that you would like to use: POP3 or IMAP.

It is required to enter Incoming server settings:

Username: full existing email address.

Password: password associated to Mailbox

POP3 server/IMAP server: User may find the correct POP3/IMAP server settings in:

Select HostPilot Control Panel and tap Get Started

It is now required to go for Advanced Settings and Incoming Server.

  • Security type: SSL
  • Authentication type: PLAIN.
  • Port:

For POP3: 995


It is required to click “Next”

There is now need to enter Outgoing server settings:

In case of SMTP server, there is need to enter HostPilot Control Panel and then get started

Select the option of Advanced Settings and then Outgoing Server.

  • Security Type: TLS
  • Port: 587
  • Require sign-in should be checked.
  • Authentication type: LOGIN.
  • Username: give the full email address.
  • Password: password for the mailbox

Choose the option of “Folder poll” frequency.

Select the option of “Next” now

Also, there is need to notify the display name and account name.

Select the option of “View your Inbox”

Those who are not satisfied from the solution for how to configure Sbcglobal email settings; they should connect with customer support team immediately. To contact technical team, there is need to reach helpline number. After calling over it, customer will be in direct contact of the technical experts. There is insurance that individual will never get disappointment at any point of time.

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