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Solve Google Chrome freezing issues with the mentioned process!!

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Google Chrome is a very famous web browser that is being used on systems be it computer systems or any mobile devices. With the features and services of Google Chrome one can easily use the internet for various purposes. It's very easy to access this browser that is spread in almost every country. Users from all around the world are benefiting with the advantages of Google Chrome and are a vivid user of this particular web browser.


On the other hand, people who are utilizing this web browser also gets stuck in various issues that disables them in further accessing this browser. There are various issues such as Google Chrome not responding, issues in opening this particular browser and many more. Apart from all these issues, there are also times when Google Chrome browser gets freeze and doesn’t work on systems.


The freezing of Google Chrome browser has now become a major issue that the user faces while working on it. On the other hand, this issue can also be solved very easily with some of its troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below in this article. Some of the best troubleshooting methods for solving this particular issue are:


  • First of all the user is required to delete local state file from the browser. Therefore, for deleting it the below mentioned steps needs to be followed:


-firstly the user should close the browser if it is opened.

-then open the Windows explorer on the system and enter %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data in the address bar.

-from there the user will get the local state file that they need to remove.

-once done, user should open the browser and should see whether the issue is solved or not.


  • For solving this issue the user can even rename the default folder by simply following these steps:


-First of all the user should close the browser.

-then open the Windows Explorer and go to its address bar.

-in the address bar the user should enter %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data and should go to the next step.

-by entering this user will get the default folder that they can rename according to their wish.

Besides, these are the major steps for solving Google Chrome web browser freezing issues that the user should undertake very correctly. These steps will totally solve the freezing issues and will enable the user to continue working on their systems.


Also, if the user face issues related to Google chrome not working then also they can try these above mentioned steps for its solution. If in case the issue is not being solved or the user is facing any more issue related to this than the concerned representatives can be contacted.

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