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What is Virgin Atlantic pet policy?

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It is true that flying with a pet requires careful planning and great consciousness, but you don’t need to be conscious if you are flying with the airline which was founded in 1984 as British Atlantic Airways. Knowing the importance of pet in a family, Virgin Atlantic is engaged in taking great care of them while they are flying to any domestic or international destination. If you are planning to fly with this airline, you need to know that the airline authority doesn’t offer travel for the pets other than cat and dog. In addition to this, there are certain breeds of cat and dog which are not allowed on board, for health or safety reasons.

How will your pet travel?

You must be happy to know that the pet you are carrying will travel in a secure, heated and air-conditioned compartment. In general, Virgin Atlantic Airlines doesn’t allow the animals in the main cabin if they are not assistance animals. But yes, the airline offers limited space for the pets. As per Virgin Atlantic customer service, right documentation is also essential to fly a pet with this airline.

A checklist to fly with pet

· The official checks whether the airline flies to your destination

· The official checks whether the airline carries your pet's breed

· The official requests you to get a secure travel case that meets airline's regulations

· The official checks whether you have the necessary paperwork for your destination

How to make a booking for your pet?

The passenger needs to contact the Virgin Cargo department for most of the locations served by Virgin Atlantic Airlines. It has to be done before booking the flight ticket. The officials confirm the passenger whether there is enough space to carry the pet or not. You will need to know the dimensions of your pet's travel case to know the cost of your booking. So, it is right for you if you book your flight at least seven days before departure. Backed by Virgin Atlantic customer service number, the airline doesn’t handle pet bookings directly for some places such as Johannesburg and Dubai. If you are flying to any of these destinations, you are instructed to contact an IPATA pet agent. You will find a pet agent on the airline’s official website.

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